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Stepper motors and Controls by STÖGRA ANTRIEBSTECHNIK GMBH
Development, Production and Sales in Munich, Germany
Customer support from development until taking into operation
ISO9001 certified
  Overview Products:
  Schrittmotoren 2-Phases hybrid stepper motors series SM
 optionally with brake, encoder, gearbox
 dimensions 56 – 168mm (Nema 23 – 66)
 holding torque 0,6 – 38Nm
  Sondermotor Stepper motor special versions
for operation under extreme conditions, e.g.

  vacuum hard
 protection class IP68 (under water)
  extended operating temperature
  SERS Position Controls series SERS / WSERS
  Interface: RS232, RS485, Profibus-DP, CANopen
  programable operation (standalone)
  eurocard format and compact housing
  integrated power amplifiers
  ELK-Wandmontagesystem Single and multiple axis racks series ELK / ELR
  panel mounting and 19 inch rack systems
  with integrated power supply
  up to 8 plug ports for drives per rack
  Endstufe Serie SE Power amplifiers series SE / WSE
  compact housing units, up to 6A / 115–230VAC
  compact housing units, up to 8A / 20–80VDC
  euro card versions up to 14,5A / 24–240VDC
  power supplies 350–1000VA, 24–120VDC
  SERS Programmer NEW:
SERS Programmer 2 – free programable
  customer specific display menus
   SERS program in the SERS Programmer
  WSERS Closd Loop NEW:
Position Control with Closed Loop
Stepper motor operated as SERVO motor